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omf whoever said “reinvent love”, i love you

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If you could get a tattoo of one or two lil words, what would it be?

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 bones-exposxd asked:
Hi! I’m starting a new project for Austin Carlile’s birthday and I was wondering if you could publish this to your followers? The goal is to get photos of people in merch, live photos, you with all your merchandise, tattoos, etc. Also writings (letters, how you feel about the band, etc) and art of the band. The book will be 101-120 pages, depending on how many people join in and what material we have to work with. Email me at: austincarlileproject@gmail(.)com if you’re interested!
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 Anonymous asked:
it's kinda rude to give someone a 6/10 for their icon when it's a pic of themself.......

I didn’t mean it like that! Wow I didn’t mean to be rude…

I’m not really rating them on how attractive they are. Every single time someone has themself as their icon i give them a 6 or a seven based on how it looks photography-wise (snapchat pic=6, b&w or filter=7). And I mean every single time, you can check!

I just always preferred icons with other things, idk why.

Sorry I didnt really mean to be rating you on attractiveness (hell if i was there would be 8s 9s and 10s all around), but rather on the fact that its your icon.

Does that make sense?

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Band member ships on oliverpsych



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Blog rates on

I don’t have a laptop anymore so I can’t make imagines in a few days but I want to stay active

Ask me a question or something on for a blog rate or if you wanna talk or something idk I’m here for u to speak to. Or even if u want like a promo or something ily guys so yeah

But please only ask on ban-ds because I don’t wanna spam you guys on here

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 Anonymous asked:
Do you have the video where Patricks saying "hey hey none of that shit" what's it from?

I don’t have the specific video, but I know that it was from a video in which people in the crowd were fighting and he started yelling at them, telling them they should stop and stuff…

you could try searching for it on youtube ^.^

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Quick message about promos! (PROMOS TO 10K+)

Hey guys so the biggest problem we face when making these is going out and finding gifs for things… so, im gonna give you the option to submit gifs in exchange for promos!

If you submit us a gif that we haven’t used before, and we end up using it, we will put you on our promo list for the next time we do promos (every five or so, we’ll promo you guys).

NOTE;; If the gif was not made by you, please either give the creator credit, or link us to the original post. THANKS!

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